digital MEMOSCAPE (english)


participatory video installation


How can we explore again the paths of our childhood? In memory... or via Google?

Each participant is invited to go on a journey, for a few minutes, on the roads and trails of her childhood. One guideline: "show me the path you would follow, as a child, to go to your favourite playground". One device: one's own phone. Navigating the Internet becomes a journey through time and space. After a few clicks, or rather a few touchs of a fingertip, we are walking the roads of Beijing or Bucharest, guided by a voice that makes us feel at home in these foreign places.

But as the stories accumulate, another landscape begins to appear, breaking through the surface of these private memories - a much more political landscape, where some places are represented with the precision of HD photographs at 360°, while others, undoubtedly less profitable, exist only as coarse pixels. There, remains from the past are constantly replaced by new images, always more contemporary, more instantaneous.

Only words and personal stories can complete this incomplete cartography, and help populate its unprofitable margins and its forgotten interstices...


This video installation was first produced during the collective Ethnoscape residency at Ens Paris.

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