L'Echafaudage (english)



After a big storm, five women and five men land on on a gigantic metal structure, without knowing how it happened. Under their feet: the void. Above their heads: the seemingly endless scaffold.

So, is this after? someone asks. Each of them, for different reasons, were dreaming of starting their lives anew. Little by little, they settle in and organize some semblance of collective life. Inventing their own rules, they lay the foundation for a new egalitarian and utopic society.

But soon enough, one of the inhabitants of the scaffold finds, on the floor, a loose bolt. Is the structure slowly falling part?



Text by Ella Balaert
Stage direction by Chloé Galibert-Laîné
Stage design by Hélaine Zurcher Karmensky
Original music and arrangements by Olivia Pfender

With David Aziz Alaoui, Laetitia Basselier, Jean Briault, Martin Guillaud, Garance Nicol, Hélène Ollivier, Justine Sisman, Antoine Stehlé, Lydie Tamisier and Antoine Villard

This show was presented at the Theater of the ENS Paris in May 2017.


(trailer to come)