Reading // Binging // Benning (english)

Reading // Binging // Benning

How much can you see of a movie you can't see?

A speculative video essay on the film Readers by James Benning, co-authored by Chloé Galibert-Laîné and Kevin B. Lee.


This video essay was commissioned by the critic's choice program at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

One of Sight and Sound’s Best video essays of 2018.

 In this creative and most of all playful ‘speculative video essay’ on the film Readers by James Benning, stream of consciousness meets artistic research meets desktop documentary.

Miklós Kiss (University of Groningen)

In this wonderful piece, Galibert-Laîné and Lee mix a kind of homage to the cinema of James Benning, as well as question the place of films themselves as objects amidst different gestures available on digital landscape.

Carlos Natálio (À pala de Walsh)

This essay asks how immaterial material can be used to build context or mount preconceptions. […] In a marvellously meta way the video essay tells us everything and nothing that we need to know: imagination and authenticity are equally elusive.

Tarah Judah (desistfilm)