Classes taught at Université Paris 8 (BA level):

A History of the Video Essay 1 & 2

Film Studies Methodology 1 & 2


Seminars (co-)organized at the Ecole normale supérieure de Paris:


Performing research (co-organized with Chloé Lavalette) (2017-continued)

This seminar explores how traditional modes of academic discourse can be enriched with tools and techniques borrowed from the field of performance art.

Every time we present our research in public, we realize a performance that engages our presence, our voice and our body in a space and time that is shared with our listeners. If sharing knowledge is first and foremost a sensible experience, shouldn't different modes of thinking require different forms of sharing?

We organize two different types of events: experienced performers-researchers are invited to lead "cartes blanches" sessions, during which they present a work-in-progress then lead a participatory workshop; and monthly "laboratoire" sessions are designed to provide a safe space for participants to experiment alternative modes of presentation of their own research.

More infos and updates about the seminar can be found here.

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digital tools for visual research (2016-2017)

The objective of this public seminar was to create a dialogue between current research projects that use computer-based or data-processing tools to study still or moving images. Throughout the year, eight researchers with backgrounds in film studies, computer studies, communication sciences and sociology, have presented their on-going research. Questions of methods were particularly emphasized: a wide range of tools were discussed, from softwares allowing the extraction of quantitative data from still images to eye-tracking techniques, collaborative film annotation platforms, visual databases and automated object recognition.

More infos about the seminar can be found here.




Atelier d'exploration du cinéma contemporain (co-organized with Claire Allouche) (2016-2017)

The purpose of this monthly workshop was to lead in-depth conversations about new theatrical releases, with a special focus on films shown in independent movie theaters in Paris and its vicinity. At each session, a voluntary participant would present a 30min introduction to the previous work of the director, then the following hour would be dedicated to the analysis of the movie. Finally, participants were invited to present an object of their choice (a song, an image, a text...) that they had brought as a personal response to the film.