The Burrow

The Burrow

fiction film


Odile lives alone. Afraid that someone might enter her flat when she’s not at home, she enters a video surveillance online community, in the hope that users will keep an eye on her apartment and inform her in case of unexpected intrusion. And the intrusion happens: dark smudges appear on the walls. Furious, she decides to leave the community. While she tries to fight against infiltrations, she realizes that she is still on watch…




Screenplay contest Nouveaux Cinémas 2014 (France) - Special Jury Award
Caminhos Film Festival 2015 (Portugal)
44ème rencontre cinématographique de Digne-les-Bains 2016 (France) - Young Audience Award
Tochka Dostupa Festival 2016 (Russia)
The New Classic Cinema Film Festival 2016 (USA) – Best Innovative Film Award
Southway Film Festival 2016 (Ukraine)
No Gloss Film Festival 2016 (GB)
Broken Knuckle Film Festival 2016 (USA) – First Prize (« Fantastic Fantasy » category)
North Portland Unknown Film Festival 2016 (USA)
Southern Colorado Film Festival 2016 (USA)
FAME’US International Film Festival 2016 (USA) – Silver Award
Meliorist Film Festival 2016 (India)
Madhouse Movies Film Festival 2017 (USA)
Bengaluru International Film Festival 2017 (India)
The Mespies 2017 (USA) – Best Literary Adaptation Award
RA International Independent Film Awards 2017 (Lituania)
Festival Internacional de Cine de Autor 2017 (Mexico)


Directed by Chloé Galibert-Laîné
Inspired by Franz Kafka's "Der Bau"
With: Marie Hasse
Production: Patrick Vuittenez
Cinematography: Bertrand Faucounau
Production design: Hélaine Zurcher-Karmensky, Camelia Zaoudi



Trailer available here:


This film was made thanks to the support of la Fémis, PSL, ENS, ENSAD and the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst.